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Public schools 'missing out'

Wednesday, 1st December, 2010

Deputy President of the NSW Teacher Federation, Gary Zadkovich, at Central School yesterday Deputy President of the NSW Teacher Federation, Gary Zadkovich, at Central School yesterday

The NSW Teachers Federation campaign van visited Central School yesterday to discuss the federal government's review of funding for schools.

The federation has three campaign vans travelling the State to promote well-funded public schools in every community.

"Over the next couple of days we're visiting all of the public schools in the town, and we're encouraging as many public school parents, principals and teachers as possible to have their say in the review of funding for schooling," said deputy president of the NSW Teachers Federation, Gary Zadkovich.

"For the first time since 1973, we've got a federal government that's actually commissioned a review of the way Australian schools are funded, and we're very keen to make sure public school communities have a voice, have a say in the outcome of that process."

Mr Zadkovich said teachers and staff at Central were "very positive" about the new funding system. 

"We believe that the case we're making is predicated on the idea that a new funding system should be developed that's much fairer than the current system, where governments allocate funding to meet students needs, wherever they may be to insure that no child misses out."

"Of course teachers support that, and as would parents and community members." 

He said at the moment, the government has a funding system which is based on entitlements.

"Unfortunately there has been a very sorry trend nationwide on the funding of schools. 

We used to have a situation where the majority of students were enrolled in public schools and received the majority of funding from state and federal funding."

"The current funding that we have in this nation allocates two thirds of a $42 billion budget to the one third of students in nongovernment schools.

It wasn't the case in the 1970s. The funding then was much closer in matching the enrollment share that each school sector had."

Mr Zadkovich said there had been a massive increase in federal government funding for non government schools and children in public schools had been missing out.

"We're trying to change the balance, we're trying to turn the tide back so public schools are once more the main priority of funding of both state and federal governments."

The van will be stopping at Railway Town Primary today at 8:30am, at BH High School 10:55am, Willyama 1:35pm and Morgan Street 3:10pm.

The Public Education Dinner will also be held tonight at the Musicians' Club at 6pm. 

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