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Friday, 3rd December, 2010

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Hash House Harriers

On an evening when the rain clouds were threatening, a great roll up of harriers left 195 Pell St. If you didn't already know, we follow dots of lime which are placed down as a trail. 

Apparently the late shower in the afternoon must have washed them all away, as none of us could find any. So after a casual run through the streets of Railwaytown we arrived back at the Carroll residence to the smell of hamburgers and onions on the barbie.

After a light sprinkle (of rain, that is) the GM called for hash hush. First up for a down downs were the hares, John and Pauline Carroll.

Then our pommy hashers Paul Kaye, Andy O'Neill and Simon Sweet were rubbing some salt into our wounds; they got a hot beer each.

Leigh Jarvis got a cold one for abusing his mate who has the WCE song on his phone as a ring tone, while his mate was speaking to a police officer, POW. 

Most young children like XBox games or IPods for their birthdays, Shane Chapman's daughter likes seafood extender for hers, so he thinks. Wrong.

We've been missing the sound of the Hash Horn through the streets on our runs, apparently our Hash Horn is having trouble wetting his whistle. 

Maybe the younger assistant might need to take over his position. There were quite a few first timers this week - Laura, Mikia, Eloise and Russell all got a drink.

We'll catch up with Jontie and Mandy soon, and Leigh Jarvis actually beat Simon Sweet and got joke of the night. Then "grub's up" was yelled.

On Wednesday, December 15 we are having a run out at Silverton. If there are enough takers a bus could be the way to go.

Our Valentine's run at Copi Hollow will be on the 12th and 13th of February. Keep these dates free. Next week's run is at the Bowling Club in Eyre St 6pm sharp. Runners with a drinking problem most welcome.

What about the blonde who went to heaven? She had to answer 3 questions to get in. 1st question: What 2 days of the week start with the letter T? "Today and tomorrow," she said. St Peter said "Ok I'll give you that one. Question 2: How many seconds in a year?" "Twelve she says, 2nd Jan, 2nd Feb etc.." "Hmmm, OK," says St Peter. "Question 3: What was the name of the swagman in Waltzing Matilda?" "That's easy," says the blonde, "His name was Andy.". St Peter said how's that?" "Andy sat, Andy watched, Andy waited till his billy boiled." Bet you're humming the tune.

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