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Patton Village 'going strong'

Monday, 6th December, 2010

The planned departure of the Coles supermarket from South Broken Hill would open an opportunity for another grocery store operator, according to a Patton Street businessman. 

Coles will close its Patton Street store and move to a new shopping centre when it opens in 2012.

But, the chairman of the newly formed Patton Village Community& Business Association, Jason King, said this week that committee members were confident about a positive future with or without a Coles supermarket.

"Coles leaving will open up a fantastic new opportunity for a more community-minded and flexible independent operator such as an IGA franchise or similar which could better work with the local community needs," he said.

"When you consider the investment in and around the Patton Village precinct and the association's exciting plans for long term community development in the area, Coles may very well wish that they had stayed as per their original plans."

Projects to be completed in the vicinity include the St Anne's nursing home and retirement village and the new desert film studio in Eyre Street, the complete luxury remodeling of the old Methodist church to become one of the city's best accommodation offerings and the opening of a new medical centre in Patton Village.

The Village committee is planning a Christmas party in the park for next Friday. The party is open to everyone and will feature a free sausage sizzle, children's activities and live music from 5pm until 9pm.

Mr King said that one of the best aspects of the Patton Village precinct is the friendly community feel.

He said the party would be a great way to get everyone together for "a good old fashioned shindig".

"People are always talking about the music and picnics that occurred every week over in the rotunda and when the idea was raised, everyone including community groups, individuals and businesses chipped in to provide a free, fun and lighthearted event to get everyone together and continue using Patton Park as it was intended," said Mr King.

The association consists of Mr King, John Shone (Secretary), Andrew Johnston (Treasurer), Tess Gilmour (Public Officer) and Councillor Jamie Mitchell, Craig Freeman and Randy Meatheringham. 

Its purpose is to promote sustainable living, learning and enterprise within Patton Village and Broken Hill.

Mr King said the association was the perfect vehicle to facilitate a sustainable balance between the community and the commercial aspect of the precinct.

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