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Sth 8-ball

Tuesday, 7th December, 2010

8ball 8ball

The grand final was played at the SBHH last Saturday between the top two teams, Sth Spartans and the Nation Nemesis, on the toy table in front of a medium side crowd.

The Spartans were the favourites, being minor premiers and the hardest to beat all season. 

This didn't faze Nemesis as they won the first round 3-1. 

Luck didn't go the Spartans way as the Nemesis skipped away to lead 6-2. After two more game the curtain came down with Nemesis winning 7-3.

Thanks to umpires and scorer, also to all the three South hotels, BDT and any and all other helpers.

Comiserations to the Sth Spartans on their shock loss and congratulations to the Nation Nemesis.

The AGM will be on the 14th Dec at the Sth Hotel, 7-30pm. If you want a change or have something to say, please attend. 

The Sth 8-ball Assoc. wishes all players a safe Merry Christmas and New Year.

Trophy winners for the summer comp are as follows: Best Team Players:

  • Sth Spartans - R O'Donnell; 
  • Nation Nemesis - D Craft tied with M O'Neill;
  • Nation Magic - M Craig; Alma Aces - B Dickens; SBHH - K Nugent; Alma 8s - L Benedetti.
  • Dummy Spitter - W Lovis
  • Grumpy Award - K Nugent
  • Horses Ass - P Duthy
  • Best Player in Grand Final - D Terry
  • Most-improved - L Solomon
  • Over-all winner - R O'Donnell
  • Best female player - S Toohey
  • Runner-up - M O'Donnell
  • Most improved females - B Daley and K Jeffery
  • 8-ball pot-outs - R O'Donnell, K Hodge, S Robins, G Lyons.
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