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Unfamiliar land

Wednesday, 24th March, 2010

 * An aerial view of the students' land art project. * An aerial view of the students' land art project.

By Stefan Delatovic More than 100 Danish architecture students have created a 'land art' project near the racecourse.

Hailing from the Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark, 120 students and 10 teachers have spent a week in the city - and the surrounding desert - working on the project. After attending an architecture workshop in Sydney alongside Australian students, the Danes were eager to experience the other side of the country, and headed to the outback.

They found a landscape that was quite a bit greener than they expected. Setting up on a patch of land just off the racecourse, they wanted to create an art project that said something about the unfamiliar land.

Participant Ditte Jensen said the group decided on a project that reflected the importance of water, while using only the natural materials found in the area. Building on the landscape, they filled the dry creek beds with white rocks, emphasising the imprints already created.

It is hoped the project will be visited by locals and will stay long after its creators leave.

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