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Tuesday, 14th December, 2010

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SC Swim Club

Pointscore results, Dec 11-12:

Congratulations to the following swimmers who all improved their best times:

100m Breaststroke: Kai Pressler, Rohan Cutting, Lachlan Cutting, Jack Burke, Indianna Paull, Caitlin Lee, Courtney Evitts and Laura-Lee Simmons. Biggest Improver: Rohan Cutting by 22.59 seconds.

50m Breaststroke: Jonas Vincent and Clarice Carroll. Biggest Improver: Jonas Vincent by 8.68 seconds. Time Trials: Bowen Vincent, Kaleb Philp, Lydia Hinton-Neal and Elkie Philp. 25m Breaststroke time trial: Tom Burke. 100m Butterfly Time Trial: Rohan Cutting. 50m Butterfly: Biggest Improver: Jack Burke by 2.51 seconds. Time Trials: Brogan Whitelaw and Bowen Vincent. 25m Butterfly Time Trials: Kaleb Philp and Lydia Hinton-Neal. 100m 

Backstroke: Kai Pressler, Lachlan Cutting, Courtney Evitts and Clarice Carroll. Biggest Improver: Kai Pressler by 10.41 seconds.

50m Backstroke: Jack Burke and Lydia Hinton-Neal. Biggest Improver: Lydia Hinton-Neal by 2.81 seconds. Time Trials: Kaleb Philp, Tom Burke, Laura-Lee Simmons, Chloe Burke and Elkie Philp. 25m Backstroke: Biggest Improver: Erik Gowin by 4.75 seconds. 50m Freestyle Time Trials: Brogan Whitelaw, Kaleb Philp and Elkie Philp.

25m Freestyle Biggest Improver: Chloe Burke by 19.15 seconds.

400m Freestyle Biggest Improver: Lachlan Cutting by 4.02 seconds.

Time Trials: Jordie Kappe, Rohan Cutting and Kiara Pressler

200m Freestyle Biggest Improver: Jessica Evitts by 1.06 seconds.

STAR SWIMMERS - December: Caitlin Lee and Kaleb Philp.

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