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Tuesday, 14th December, 2010

Archery Archery

SC Archers

On Sunday archers held a 3 arrow ABA round on range 2 with the first scoring arrow counted resulting in a possible total of 400 points.

A great turnout of 21 archers made up the field for the last official SCA Sunday shoot of 2010.

The weather was close to optimal with a light breeze to keep the flies at bay which was thankfully not strong enough to disrupt any of the many arrows in flight.

Some clouds were present but visibility was still almost perfect. Two personal bests were achieved, one by new Cub Connor Esling with 218 points and the other by Barebow shooter Shaun Bedford with 352 points - a score more often seen in the sighted divisions.

High scorer of the day was David Woolcock on 384, followed by Darryl Ward's 372 and Cheryl Holmes on 366 points.

Results ABA Round:

Freestyle Unlimited - David Woolcock 384, Trevor Woolcock 356 points. Bowhunter Unlimited - Cheryl Holmes 366, Travis Foresi 364,Stuart Leyh 356,

Darren Kemp 330, Damo Athorn 328, Malcolm Esling 324 points.

Bowhunter Limited - Darryl Ward 372 points. Recurve - David Lee 246 points. Compound Barebow - Shaun Bedford 352, Steve Hurley 272 points.

Juniors/Cubs - Alan Davies 376, Mathew Lee 268, Mychal Lee 264, Mikaela Ward 252, Caleb Mercer 236, Kyle Athorn 220, Connor Esling 218, Chrissy Lee 120, Hayden Vine 106 points.

A much appreciated barbecue lunch was prepared by Ron Arthur for the returning groups together with popular cold drinks and chocolate rations. 

The Lionfish Create Junior Encouragement Awards were presented afterwards with this year's young achievers being Junior Alan Davies and Cub Mikaela Ward for their excellent personal progress in the sport. 

The club has grown at a phenomenal rate over the last 12-18 months and will no doubt continue to do so in the New Year thanks to the generosity and dedication of current club members, recent sponsorship and the great interest shown by adults and those of the younger generation wanting to try this

unique and rewarding sport. We wish all our members a Merry Christmas, a healthy New Year and safe travelling! 

The next official shoot will be held on Sunday, February 6 with the muster taking place at 8.30am, followed by the field shoot at 9am.

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