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Keep your eyes on the road

Wednesday, 15th December, 2010

"We'll be looking for people doing stupid things" police said

Police are appealing for drivers to remain vigilant this festive season after two collisions in the city.

They said there could have been very serious consequences in one of the accidents that occurred when a truck ran into the back of a car in Williams Street.

The driver of the car was attempting to do a U-turn when it was struck from behind by the truck.

Police said the driver had indicated a right turn but had veered left momentarily before proceeding with the right U-turn.

"The accident could have been a lot more serious than it was," the police said yesterday. He will be charged with negligent driving. His car had to be towed from the scene.

A 17-year-old P-plate driver will also be charged with negligent driving after his car ran into the back of another car which had stopped at the traffic lights at Argent and Chloride streets.

Police said as this was one of the busiest times on the road, drivers should pay more attention to other cars than usual.

"Don't take phone calls when you are driving," a spokesman said. "Don't automatically think you've got the right of way."

Police will be increasing their patrols over the weekend and over the Christmas holiday period.

There will be more random breath tests and police will be looking for drivers who are speeding or are suffering driver fatigue.

"There will be a marked difference in random breath tests," police said. "We'll be looking for people doing stupid things."

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