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Flooding expected around Menindee

Wednesday, 15th December, 2010

Flows from the Menindee Lakes will be increased to 22,000 megalitres per day (mL/d) from next week.

State Water is having to manage the already overflowing lakes with a surge of fresh inflows and a flood of water making its way down the system from massive rain in the east, which has left many towns and cities inundated.

It decided yesterday that it would lift the flows gradually over the next six days from just under 19,000mL/d to 22,000mL/d by Tuesday, December 21.

A story in the BDT yesterday said at 24,000mL/d 12 homes would "go under". In fact the houses would not have water inside them but would become inaccessible.

Barry Philp from State Water said one house at Menindee becomes cut off at 19,000mL/d but more would become isolated at Tuesday's release rate.

He also said he was unsure how the homes would be affected as many owners had built levee banks around their properties.

"It's a bit less, which is good. Not so many people will be affected," Mr Philp said. "A lot of levees have been built."

While floodwaters from the Namoi, Castlereagh and Macquarie were not expected to reach the lakes for at least six weeks, the inflows from rain in the catchment are at more than 19,000mL/d.

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