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Wednesday, 15th December, 2010

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Hash House Harriers

Tim Roney, celebrating his 50th birthday, and John Hinton, celebrating his 50th hash run, set a trail from the Broken Hill Bowling Club.

With the rain pelting down we ran, jogged, walked and splashed our way from Bonanza, Piper, South, Hebbard, Rockwell, Clarke, Bonanza, Jamieson, Picton to hash home.

It was a good night to have a wet tee shirt competition but the Harrierettes wouldn't be in it. 

Our religious advisor David Stephenson had a downdown for the inclement weather, Kerry Kelly and Tracy Jarvis won the Mary Poppins award for being the only two to carry umbrellas.

Special runs were Nick Morrison run one, Paul Kaye 121, Andy O'Neill 131, Simon Sweet 141, David Stephenson 303.

There were lots of "Ashes Cricket" jokes told by our English friends. 

I like this one: What have Australian cricketers and drug addicts got in common? Neither know where their next score is coming from. 

The best joke of the night was told by a lady bowler, Maxine Murphy, who was helping out at the club. It is too crude to repeat in this column for our sensitive harriers. 

But next time you're on the greens with her bowling your jack highs towards your kitty cats, ask her to relate her bikie joke.

A lovely meal was prepared by the Bowling Club ladies. On behalf of all the harriers, thank you. 

This Wednesday Simon Sweet and Lizzy Dermody are setting a bush run from the Silverton Hotel at 6.20pm. Walkers bring water with you. Barbecue back at the pub afterwards.

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