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Mammoth medal haul

Thursday, 16th December, 2010

Jessica Thomas and Mikayla Mills fighting it out in the final of the 13 and Under 200IM Jessica Thomas and Mikayla Mills fighting it out in the final of the 13 and Under 200IM

Broken Hill Swimming Club (BHSC) has returned to town with a mammoth haul of 245 medals - 99 gold, 70 silver and 76 bronze - after a gruelling round of Victorian Carnivals.

Thirty-one BHSC swimmers missed the local Christmas pagent to hand out some stiff competition to swimmers at the recent Irymple and Red Cliffs carnivals.

The Carnival saw many competitors travelling to their first 'away' carnival, competing with great sportsmanship and good old Broken Hill pride, and finishing the weekend with 115 medals and 25 individual medallists.

Highlights of the Irymple carnival were Amber Grose, Isabella Morris, Ethan Thomas and Kris Toigo qualifying for the "Dash for Cash" feature event. Not to be outdone by the kids our dad's put up outstanding efforts in the Over 35 "Splash and Dash" with Brett Morris coming away with a gold medal, David

Kuerschner a bronze medal and Frank Napoli with a swimming Australia ribbon for outstanding effort and sportsmanship.

Red Cliffs Carnival, known as the Family Fun Day, required some more parental participation with the traditional family relays all hotly contested.

The feature event for Sunday was the Male and Female Skins event, with female BHSC swimmers making up half the field, Amber Grose 2nd, Claudia Napoli 3rd, Isabella Morris 4th.

Not to be outdone by the girls, four BHSC male swimmers qualified for the Male Skins event, Jason Masclet 6th, Myles Burt 5th, Ben Mills 3rd, and Ethan Thomas finishing 2nd. 

Club President Eureka Napoli said "what a great family weekend we've had, good friends, good competition, and great sportsmanship, what more could we ask for". 

Medal winners were: 

Myles Burt 4 gold, 1 silver, 1 Bronze. Olivia Burt 1 gold, 1 Bronze. Harry Campbell 1 gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze. Will Campbell 2 gold, 1 Bronze. Courtney Devlin 1 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze, Ruby Eckert 1 bronze, Lily Eckert 1 silver 1 bronze, Zoey Gasmier 2 bronze, Amber Grose 9 gold, Lachlan Grose 4 gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze. David Kuerschner 1 bronze, Georgie Kuerschner 1 gold, 1 bronze, Chelsea Masclet 2 gold, 3 Silver, 2 Bronze, Jason Masclet 3 silver, 3 Bronze, Maighan Mashford 1 Silver, Ben Mills 2 Silver, Mikayla Mills 2 Silver, Brett Morris 1 gold, Isabella Morris 1 gold, 5 Silver, 1 bronze, Savannah Morris 4 gold, 1 Silver, 1 bronze, Claudia Napoli, 1 Gold, 1 silver, 6 bronze, Luca Napoli 1 silver, 2 bronze, Bailey Stubing 3 silver 2 bronze, Ethan Thomas 3 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze, Kris Toigo 4 gold, 2 Silver, 3 bronze.

A smaller team of 23 swimmers made the trek deep into Victorian territory to attend the Southern Mallee Championships, held Saturday 11th and Sunday the 12th December, with both Country and metropolitan clubs from Victoria and South Australian clubs in attendance. 

The team was happy to be competing against our old friends and great rivals Nyah. Broken Hill swimmers were up to the challenges thrown at them, with every swimmer coming home with a medal, the team amassing 130 medals (59 gold, 35 silver and 36 bronze) for the weekend.

BHSC finished the weekend with 10 swimmers 13 and under achieving Australian Junior Excellence times, 17 swimmers gaining Country Qualifying times, and 14 of those gaining state Qualifying times.

Amber Grose showed her team mates that dedication and commitment to training pays off, competing in gruelling 17 events for 13 gold and 4 Silver. 

Amber also broke three records for the weekend, in the 100 free, 100 back (records dating back to 1996) and the 200 Individual Medley (set in 2004).

Ethan Thomas was successful in breaking the 50m Breaststroke record set in 2006. 

Broken Hill dominated the mixed freestyle relays on Sunday, finishing First in three out of the four events; 10/u Bronze, 12/U gold, 14/u Gold and Silver, Open Team Gold. BH head coach Marisa Webb was delighted with her team's efforts.

"These young swimmers are reaping the rewards from their commitment and dedication not only to their training, but to quality technique and skill development, over the last three months. This is just the start of bigger and better things to come in the season ahead."

Medal winners for the weekend: Ben Mills 3 gold 4 silver 1 bronze, Ethan Thomas 5 gold 1 silver 3 bronze; Kris Toigo 6 gold, 3 silver, 3 bornze; Claudia Napoli 3 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze; Hannah Pryor 6 silver, 2 bronze; Isabella Morris 7 gold, 1 bronze; Zoey Gasmier 3 bronze; Luca Napoli 1 silver; Bailey D'Monte 3 gold, 4 Silver; Tobias Thomas 1 Bronze, Savannah Morris 3 gold, 2 bronze, Georgie Kuerschner 2 Bronze, Lachie Grose 5 gold, 7 silver, 1 bronze; Bailey Stubing 4 gold, 2 Silver, 3 bronze; Amber Grose 13 gold, 4 silver; Mikayla Mills 1 Silver, 2 Bronze; Jessica Thomas 3 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze; Jessica Pryor 2 gold, 1 Silver, 1 bronze; Ashton Grose 1 gold, 1 silver; Dane D'Monte 1 gold, 1 bronze; Dakota D'Monte 1silver, 1 bronze; Dave Kuerschner 1 silver.

Special mention to Dads Dave Kuerschner, Dane D'Monte and Frank Napoli who showed the kids you're never to old to swim with style and grace.

The BH Swimming Club squad is straight back into the pool this week, with their foot firmly on the pedal, working hard all through their Christmas Holidays.

It is only four weeks until SA Country Championships to be held in Broken Hill, which will be closely followed by the South Australian State Championships to finish off a very busy January 2011.

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