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Minister to talk trucks

Thursday, 23rd December, 2010

Local ALP President and deputy mayor, Neville Gasmier Local ALP President and deputy mayor, Neville Gasmier

The issue of ore trucks trundling through the city's streets may be resolved next month when a local delegation goes to Sydney to meet the NSW Minister for Lands.

City Council has invited Perilya to join it at the meeting with the Minister, Tony Kelly, to see what he can do to help with the building of a by-pass for the mining company's B-doubles.

Perilya has promised more than 100 jobs if it can open the Potosi mine but it needs to move the ore from the mine in the north to the south for processing.

Its proposal to truck the ore through the streets has raised the ire of many locals who ask why it cannot use the rail line used for that purpose by previous mining companies.

City Council's General Manager, Frank Zaknich, said yesterday that the purpose of the meeting with Mr Kelly was to discuss the process of acquiring land for the by-pass.

The main route of the haulage road will run from Potosi, behind the North mine, across the Menindee road, behind the airport, then on to the Wentworth road and Kanandah road to the mine.

Mr Zaknich said that when in Sydney the delegation would also seek a meeting with the Minister for Regional Development, and Treasurer, Eric Roozendaal.

Mr Roozendaal recently invited Council to make submissions for the State to contribute towards the cost of building the road.

The delegation will comprise Mr Zaknich, Mr Gasmier and a representative of Perilya, which has also promised to contribute to the cost of the road's construction.

The President of the Broken Hill Branch of the ALP, Neville Gasmier, said he recently met Mr Kelly in Sydney and filled him in about the situation.

Mr Gasmier, who is also the city's deputy mayor, said yesterday that Mr Kelly had invited him to arrange for a delegation to meet him in his office on January 12.

"It is a huge leap forward for the project with the possibility of a win for everyone," said Mr Gasmier.

"I am very grateful to the Minister, who has been a huge supporter of Broken Hill over many years, for his offer to meet him at short notice and at this difficult time of the year.

"Many residents feel they have been ignored so this is a way for us to move forward and get an outcome for all concerned. "Perilya can haul their trucks as long and as often as they like without disturbing local residents.

"This will be a huge win if we can this through with the Minister's assistance."

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