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Out with the old as locals upgrade

Thursday, 30th December, 2010

Old televisions are stacking up at the garbage depot. (Photo by Rod Wilkinson) Old televisions are stacking up at the garbage depot. (Photo by Rod Wilkinson)

As outdated televisions are turned into garden furniture by the dozen, the city is preparing to receive a new digital channel, “Eleven”.

Broken Hill made the switch to digital television broadcasting on December 15 when the old analog signal was switched off.

Most televisions can still be used with the addition of a digital set-top box, but older models lack the required connections.

Televisions that are dropped off at the Garbage Depot before February will be recycled free of charge.

Adelaide organisation “Zero Waste” will use glass, metal and plastic within the televisions to make items such as plant pots, outdoor furniture and car dashboards.

Televisions and other electronic items like computers, laptops and mobile telephones can contain toxic substances which can cause problems if not properly disposed of.

The recycling program will prevent outdated televisions from ending up as landfill. The plan comes at a good time: dozens of televisions have been left at the depot since analog television ceased.

There has been a large increase in the number of televisions being disposed of since then as locals upgrade to new digital models.

Those television sets will receive a new channel from January 11. That’s when Channel Ten is launching its new channel “Eleven” across the country.

Local provider, Southern Cross Media, announced this week that Broken Hill viewers would receive the channel at the same time as their capital city counterparts.

The new channel aims for an “entertainment focus”, according to Southern Cross.

Programs like the The Simpsons and Neighbours will move from Channel Ten and US programs like Dexter, Smallville, The Office and Futurama will be screened alongside classics such as The Love Boat, The Brady Bunch andHappy Days.

Rick Lenarcic, Southern Cross Media Group’s General Manager for Victoria and SA, said engineering work was fasttracked to enable the channel’s launch.

Southern Cross has already announced that other commercial digital channels - 7TWO, 7mate, GO!, GEM and One HD - will start in the Spencer Gulf and Broken Hill regions during the first half of next year.

Additional broadcast spectrum to enable the carriage of the extra digital channels has become available since digital switch-off.

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