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Obscuring number plates

Thursday, 30th December, 2010

Motorists have been warned about obscuring their number plates Motorists have been warned about obscuring their number plates

From the Broken Hill Police Traffic Desk 
By Sergeant Jeff Lahnor, 
Broken Hill Highway Patrol 

With the arrival of locusts and other summer bugs, many people in and about Broken Hill have fitted plastic mesh over the front of their vehicles.

Most people have complied with the legal requirements for displaying number plates by removing their number plate and then mounting it on the outside of the mesh screen.

This has a two-fold effect in that it better secures the mesh to the vehicle and the number plate is not deemed to be obscured or illegible.

The law states that a clear Perspex cover is the only permissible covering for a number plate. Anything else, even if you believe you can still see the number plate through it, is illegal.

The penalty for an obscured or illegible number plate is $344 for a light vehicle and three demerit points.

We also remind people to check their number plates to see that they are in good legible condition and not obscured by any other objects such as tow balls or bull bars etc. 

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