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Only takes three to have a party: Hash House Harriers

Wednesday, 5th January, 2011

Last week’s hash run was set by Tracey Lavers and John Perry from 533 Cummins St. Due to the heat and holidays the numbers were down a little, but as you all know it only takes three to have a party.

John sent us on our way through the streets of the north and past the North pool where everyone was wet and cool and splashing around.

We headed back to Tracey’s place and gathered round quenching our thirst. GM Andy Oneill called hash hush, and asked Shane what he thought of the run.

“Bestone so far this week,” was the reply. Andy handed out the down downs. 

First up the hares, John and Tracey, then our little mate Peter Corney, who on Xmas morning after the Hash Xmas morning run, went A over T on his push bike on his way home and took a bit of bark off. Must have had too many eggnogs.

First POW went to Shane Chapman who only left the xmas morning run when the residents started to bring out their xmas dinner. 

Asked if they’d like them to set him an extra place, he said no, his kids were home waiting to open their presents.

Kaye Cooper got a drink for her 49th birthday, Kerry Kelly got to drink out of her new 100 runs pewter cup, and the 2nd POW went to Leigh Jarvis who turned up at his friend’s birthday party after a couple of quiet ones at the pub and was asked next day if he enjoyed the party. What party? he replied. Well it was Xmas. 

Andy announced that the next run will be from 676 Beryl St. Hope they got a pool. Over the Xmas period, I hope you caught up with most your friends and family; I call mine my fruit cakes - some a bit cherry, some a bit fruity, some a bit nutty and some soaked in alcohol. 

If you don’t know anyone like that and would like to, come along to hash. I’m sure you’ll find a couple. Cheers till next week.

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