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I need a loving home

Thursday, 6th January, 2011

The Blue Heeler pup at the vet clinic yesterday The Blue Heeler pup at the vet clinic yesterday

A Blue Heeler pup and a Maltese dog are the only two animals at the pound looking for a loving family to call their own.

The Blue Heeler was dropped into the Broken Hill Veterinary Clinic on Tuesday and is about four months old.

The Maltese has been at the clinic for more than a month, and came in as a stray. 

Staff said he had no identification so his age and details remain a mystery.

They said he would be well suited to a loving family. “I think there both quite nice dogs,” Dr Guillaume Tabuteau told the BDT.

The cost of adopting a dog from the clinic is $60, which includes microchipping, which Dr Tabuteau said was vital in trying to find a lost animal’s owner.

Twelve dogs were brought into the clinic after running away scared by the fireworks on Friday night and the thunderstorm on Saturday night but every one was microchipped.

As a result, Dr Tabuteau said they were able to be re-united with their owners this week. The veterinarian is also offering pet owners an incentive to pick up their animals from the pound. 

“If the dogs are microchipped and registered, and they pick it up the same day, we don’t charge at all.” 

He also encouraged locals to hand in unwanted animals following a report that rabbits and guinea pigs had been abandoned on the Adelaide road.

“If people don’t want animals, then drop them in.” Dr Tabuteau also wanted dog owners to be aware that there was a canine Parvovirus outbreak in the city.

He said pups were particularly at risk, and if owners were worried about having their dogs in contact with other canines, staff could give an injection in the owner’scar. 

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