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Prison officer badly injured

Monday, 10th January, 2011

Police said he threw a ball which a senior corrections officer in the left eye Police said he threw a ball which a senior corrections officer in the left eye

A prison officer has been flown to hospital in Adelaide after being struck in the face by a pool ball allegedly thrown at him by a prisoner at the local jail.

The 42-year-old corrections officer suffered three fractures to his face and had the lens of one of his eyes dislodged, police said yesterday.

The incident happened about 12.50pm on Saturday after the officer and his colleagues had tried to calm down one of the inmates who had complained about not being allowed to make a phone call, the police said.

They said that the 20-year-old prisoner had become angry and abusive after being told that phone calls were now allowed after visiting hours.

He allegedly picked up a handful of balls from an eight-ball table in the recreation room and threatened to hurl them at the staff.

Police said that as the officers were attempting to reason with him, he threw a ball which went through the bars and hit a senior corrections officer in the left eye.

The officer was taken to hospital and later transferred to the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Police said they had been told that he was in danger of losing the sight in his left eye.

They said that no charges had yet been laid against his alleged assailant because their investigation of the incident was continuing.

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