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Thanks Frank Frank and Mary

Monday, 17th January, 2011

Frank Hanns and his chihuahua, Tiny Frank Hanns and his chihuahua, Tiny

Hanns have spent many years donating time and money to the RSPCA and they're not about to quit.

Their latest act of generosity was adopting a dog in need of a home. The RSPCA's shelter manager, Merridy Wall, said the couple always inquired about what was needed for the shelter.

Their donations of money have enabled the RSPCA to buy an anaesthetic machine which can be dismantled and taken on outback clinics for desexing, along with stethoscopes, a pulse oximeter, a laryngoscope and many other items used at the clinic.

"The RSPCA would like to say a big thank you," Ms Wall said. Mr Hanns has suffered, in recent years, from diabetes and problems with sight but that has not stopped him from coming into the clinic to visit the staff and bring them morning tea.

On one of these visits Frank was introduced to a chihuahua called Tiny that had been surrendered with a broken leg. 

The owner could not afford to have her fixed. Once Frank had a cuddle, the connection was made and she is now happily living with the Hanns.

"It's lovely that we could find him a companion," said Ms Wall. She said the RSPCA also wanted to thank everyone who had supported them over many years.

Such people were just "wonderful", Ms Wall said. Their donations of money, blankets, toys and food help all the animals at the shelter.

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