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Black sees red over Williams

Monday, 17th January, 2011

Former local member Peter Black has challenged claims by current local member John Williams about his achievements in office.

Mr Black reacted in anger to comments made by Mr Williams in the BDt on Tuesday, where he named three of his achievements. 

Mr williams was answering a call from Labor candidate Neville Gasmier outline what he had done for the city.

Mr Williams said he had secured $100,000 for the new pool, support for St Pats through the waiving of loans and speaking out for Menindee Lakes.

Mr Black said the discussion concerning the $100,000 for the pool "took place in the President's Marquette at the St Pats races".

"In a four way conversation initiated by the late Ken Boyle and with the support of Frank Zacnnich, I informed Minister Graham West that I had changed my mind about funding the pool. Previously a $300,000 grant had been redirected at the urging of Andrew Schmidt to the Jubilee Oval upgrade, as a consequence of the Page Council's inability to produce pool development plans," he said.

Mr Black said Minister Tony Kelly, "long term friend of St Pats, and present in Broken Hill at the invitation of St Pats on many occasions", waived the interest repayments.

"Tony Kelly is a long term personal friend; John Williams most certainly had no role in either the pool grant or St Pats interest repayments issues."

With respect to (Menindee Lakes), I am at a complete loss to understand what John Williams is claiming - Blind Freddy knew that at the time of the next major flood, the Minindee Lakes would be filled; they were designed for flooding mitigation," he said.

"If John Williams is referring to the proposed engineering works, I am yet to hear his stance on the proposed channel to link Lake Cawndilla with theDarling River - the absence of which led to the loss by evaporation of 200 gigalitres of water which we heard so much about in the summer of 2002.

"In short, John Williams has not been able to substantiate claims that he has done anything for Broken Hill over the past four years. I freely acknowledge however that many constituents have been assisted; that's what electorate staff are for."

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