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Snake a surprise

Tuesday, 18th January, 2011

Corey Sultana’s three-year-old son Blake Sultana holds the deceased snake yesterday Corey Sultana’s three-year-old son Blake Sultana holds the deceased snake yesterday

Brazil Street resident Corey Sultana got more than he bargained for when he took his two young children outside to do some gardening yesterday afternoon.

What is believed to be a western brown snake emerged from Mr Sultana's neighbour's home and slithered back and forth between the two properties.

Fearing the snake would attack his young children, Mr Sultana said he gave the western brown "a couple of blows with a shovel", before asking one of his neighbours what type of snake it was.

"I was following instructions from my father on how to kill it," Mr Sultana told the BDT yesterday.

It's the first time Mr Sultana has seen snakes around his property, and warned other locals to take care.

Reptile catcher Wayne Singleton, who has been handling snakes for more than 20 years, advised locals not to kill the creatures.

"The best way (to handle them) is to keep an eye on them and give me a call," Mr Singleton said.

He said a lot of people are bitten themselves trying to "destroy" the animal.

If Mr Singleton is called out to catch a snake, he then makes sure it is kept safe.

"I identify the snake, record it, and then move it to a safer place out of town."

Mr Singleton said during this time of year, snake appearances across the city usually increase, but due to the excessive rain, snakes are moving further out into the bush for food, which means he is getting less call outs.

He also wanted to remind people that all native animals are protected under the National Park and Wildlife Act, and would prefer if people contacted him on 0423 920 370 than attempting to kill the reptile.

"It's actually illegal to kill a snake."

The Western brown snake is known to have 16 different colour morphs and is most likely to be found under rocks, in soil cracks, logs or around tin or rubbish piles.

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