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New doctors set to bulk bill

Wednesday, 19th January, 2011

Dr Rekha Nagesh (far left), Dr Ramu Nachiappan, Dr Robert Pokoj, Dr Chris Tan and officer manager Lynley Rebbeck Dr Rekha Nagesh (far left), Dr Ramu Nachiappan, Dr Robert Pokoj, Dr Chris Tan and officer manager Lynley Rebbeck

The prospect of gaining experience in a country practice has brought two new bulk billing doctors to the city.

Doctors Rekha Nagesh and Chris Tan have joined Dr Ramu Nachiappan's practice on the town square.

Both doctors will bulk bill all patients irrespective of whether they hold concession cards/pensioners, are veterans or otherwise.

Dr Tan will stay for 12 months and Dr Nagesh at least two years.

Dr Tan, who is a graduate from the University of NSW, last worked in Orange at the Emergency Department.

He was training to become a haematologist/pathologist but changed his mind after three years as he "missed seeing patients and didn't want to look at slides and biochemical machines all day".

Dr Nagesh, who has a Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, has left a major hospital in Sydney and is looking forward to the change of pace.

During one shift last year, she performed three Caesarean operations and delivering several babies in one night.

Married with young children, she intends to provide women's health services based at the surgery whilst undertaking her Fellowship training in General Practice.

"As a lady doctor I know that many women will see me for their special needs and I am happy to look after them as well as all general health," she said.

Nachiappan Surgery said it was committed to providing general practice services to all "not withstanding their financial ability to consult a GP".

Despite media reports about acute and continuing doctor shortages in rural areas, Nachiappan Surgery said it had managed to consistently attracted trainee doctors and doctors in specialist General Practitioner training.

This year there will be three doctors who will commence their GP specialists college training at the surgery.

The third, Dr Namita Rewani, another female practitioner, will arrive in mid February to join the practice.

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