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Police discover scores more human bones

Tuesday, 25th January, 2011

Police said it appeared the man was in his early 20s Police said it appeared the man was in his early 20s

Police have narrowed down the age of the man whose bones were found in a weir pool next to the Little Menindee Creek regulator.

They said yesterday that it appeared he was in his early 20s.

But the discovery of another 46 human bones by police divers on the weekend meant they were not ruling out the possibility that they were dealing with more than one body.

The bones were found in the same weir pool by members of the NSW Police Diving Unit, who returned to Sydney yesterday.

Barrier Local Area Command Crime Manager, Detective Inspector Mick Stoltenberg, said the four-member dive crew found 34 bones on Saturday and another 12 on Sunday.

Det. Inspt. Stoltenberg said finger, arm, leg, pelvis and rib bones were recovered by the divers, but no skull.

Asked if police believe all the bones belong to the same person, he said: "We can't say that.

"These bones are with our forensic staff and will be fast-tracked to Newcastle for further analysis this week."

He said the analysis would include a DNA profile.

Police have narrowed down the age of the leg bone that was found by a fisherman on December 28, following an initial anthropologist's report.

"We're looking (at someone) around the early 20s," Det Inspt Stoltenberg said. He said the remains were not those of an Aboriginal.

DI Stoltenberg said police expected to receive more information when further testing was carried out on the bones.

"We're hoping it will actually identify who the person actually is."

Police will compare the bones against a DNA database of missing people, including Bendigo man Daniel Rosewall who vanished in the district in January last year.

Mr Rosewall's car was found abandoned near Eldee Station north of Silverton.

DI Stoltenberg yesterday said that police were not ruling out who the bones might belong to, or how they came to be in the weir.

"Close liaisons between Barrier LAC Detectives, NSW Homicide Squad, NSW Missing Person Unit and interstate law enforcement continues."

But he said no-one had been reported missing from the Menindee area in recent years.

He also said it appeared unlikely the bones were washed down the river, given the "circumstances surrounding" their discovery.

DI Stoltenberg said the divers had worked under very difficult circumstances.

"We put in a request (for the diver unit) and we were allocated two days and obviously a lot depended on what they found (on the first day).

"We're happy with what they've achieved over the weekend."

Anyone with information about the bones are asked to contact local police or Crimestoppers on 1800 333000.

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