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Local doctor marches toward own practice

Thursday, 3rd February, 2011

Local doctor marches toward own practice

The Broken Hill Medical Centre is losing another GP after Dr Bilijana Trask announced she was leaving to start her own practice.

Dr Trask's exit followed the shock departure of Dr Peter Hocking, who left the Medical Centre after a long career with the practice.

Dr Trask was originally from Macedonia but came to Australia in 2000.

She previously worked in Canberra before moving to Broken Hill and has been working at the Medical Centre for seven years.

Her new practice would be located at 139 Williams Street, and she was hoping to open within a month.

"At this point (I am) hoping to start in late February or early March," Dr Trask said.

For patients wondering what will happen next, Dr Trask said it was be up to them if they would like to continue to be treated by her, or stay at the Medical Centre.

"I will not remove (any) records from the practice without the consent (of the patients)," she said.

Patients would be asked to sign a consent form if they wished to transfer with Dr Trask.

Dr Trask would be joined at her new practice by Dr Andrew Crossman from Sydney.

Dr Crossman conducted his fellowship training in Broken Hill during 2007, and would be looking at a long-term future in the city.

"He is living and working in Sydney as a GP and is quite happy to come back to Broken Hill and relocate... (he) is happy to stay for a long time."

Dr Trask said the application process for the practice was currently being processed and that she was happy with City Council's support to get everything happening as soon as possible.

Dr Trask said she would continue working from the Medical Centre until her new practice opened, and would be replaced upon her departure.

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