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Neville's knock

Monday, 7th February, 2011

Neville Gasmier Neville Gasmier

Neville Gasmier, the Country Labor candidate for the NSW election, has been out doorknocking in the city and says he will continue to consult with the public over matters raised with him.

South residents had brought many issues to his attention, he said, all of which he will address. 

In particular, Councillor Gasmier said he wanted to bring forward "urgently" the costing of the lighting of the Alma Oval, particularly since the AFL had said that they had some funds available for that purpose.

Many residents also expressed concern about the condition of the almost brand-new section of Thomas Street following the recent heavy rain, he said. 

Clr Gasmier said he and the Labor councillors, with the support of councillors Kennedy and Algate, had successfully moved for an urgent investigation into the causes of this breakdown and where responsibility should lie.

The sale of Country Energy's retail operations to Origin Energy was also troubling locals, he said.

"This is a worrying area for many people with the recent steep increases in electricity prices," Clr Gasmier said. 

The Labor Councillors have had included in a council recommendation that Country Energy be asked to keep a shopfront for customers in the city.

But he said he was also disturbed by the State Opposition leader's refusal to rule out the sale of the electricity network if it won power in the March election. 

"Judging by the experience of some other States, this would have a huge negative impact on service levels," Clr Gasmier said. 

"Customers could expect a much lower quality of service than we have become used to with the power network in public hands. 

"This is something that we will continue to pursue with as much vigour as we can."

Clr Gasmier also said he believed it was "imperative" that Broken Hill retain at least one food shop with 4am closing and that he would be taking "every step required" to achieve this result.

On a personal note, he said he still did not accept that the Civic Centre could not have been opened for the funeral of the late councillor, Jamie Mitchell. 

"Perhaps if the Mayor had been in the city at the time the decision was made, or if he had informed the Deputy Mayor of his absence, the outcome would have been different."

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