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Candidates for the South

Wednesday, 9th February, 2011

Top: Larry Angel; Bottom: Dave Gallagher Top: Larry Angel; Bottom: Dave Gallagher

By Kurtis Eichler

Independent candidates for next month's City Council by-election, Dave Gallagher and Larry Angell, have both vowed to represent the South if they are elected.

The by-election to be held in March has Labor's Maureen Clark, and Mr Gallagher and Mr Angell in a three-horse race.

Having run in the two past Council elections, Mr Gallagher said he had always been interested in local politics, right from when he was a young boy.

"I've attended mostly every Council meeting since this Council was elected," he said yesterday.

The former Labor Party member says his decision to run a third time was purely on a "personal basis."

"There is no part for party politics in local government," he said.

If he is elected, Mr Gallagher said his focus would be on the condition of the city's parks, sporting grounds, roads and footpaths.

"Roads and footpaths in Broken Hill are an absolute disgrace."

He asked why Sturt Park was in such a good condition compared to Queen Elizabeth Park, which he said was "in a state of disrepair."

However, Mr Gallagher, who has been a policeman for more than 30 years, congratulated Council on its decision to put lights in the Alma Oval.

If elected, he said would make the ground his number one priority.

"If I am elected, the Alma Oval will be the first thing I want completed.

"That's an important thing for the South."

Mr Gallagher said he wanted to make sure the South kept its Alma Oval after losing its public swimming pool six years ago.

He said in the 2009 Council election he only lost by a "handful of votes," and maintained that he would have been elected had there been an extra councillor position.

"It's going to be a close election," he said.

"I will be there for the community, listen to the community and to have what Council passes for the community go through without any hesitation.

"At this present stage, they're (councillors) performing well."

He said he knew all the current councillors well and "gets along with everyone."

Mr Gallagher moved to the city in 1986 from Sydney and left in 1997 when he was promoted and sent to Boggabilla.

He returned in 2001 with as a sergeant, and last year received the Australian Police Medal on Australia Day for distinguished service.

Amongst his roles, he spoke highly of being a trained police negotiator.

He is also president of the Outback Rugby League and a committee member of the Silver City Cup.

Former local councillor Larry Angell also confirmed that he will be running for the seat on Council made vacat by the death of CLr Jamie Mitchell in December.

Mr Angell was elected to the Council in 1984 and served until 1999, when he was voted out.

He said he decided to stand again because he thought that he still had a lot to contribute.

He said his skills as a retail manager could help Council's public profile.

"I also hope to get involved in the tourist side of the Council."

Mr Angell said the film studio was a big positive for the city and it had the potential to bring in a lot of tourists.

Mr Angell, who lives in South Broken Hill, also hopes to continue the work of Mr Mitchell, who emerged as a strong advocate for the South in his short time on Council.

He said an idea he and Mr Mitchell had was to revamp Patton Street by having art galleries in empty shops to attract tourists.

Also, like Mr Gallagher, he wishes to clean up the streets of the city.

A plan devised by Mr Angell and Mr Mitchell suggested that Council hold a 'Clean Up The South Day,' similar to the annual Clean Up Australia Day.

Mr Angell said he was eager to claim a seat on Council.

"In 1999 when I stood... I was a bit jaded.

"But I'm hungry enough this time."

Mr Angell said the three nominees will "do a good job" if elected, but acknowledged it would be tough "rolling Labor."

He also said his flexible hours as a tour guide would give him time to devote to his role as councillor.

Nominations for the by-election close today at noon, with the election to be held on Saturday March 12.

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