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St Anne's dispute deepens

Friday, 11th February, 2011

"Everyone who wanted a job basically got a job," Mr Carter said.

He said two people chose to take redundancy, one knocked back a job and accepted a payout and another person, who only wanted to work weekends, accepted a payout and switched to casual employment.

"We also had one of the original 38 people stay with Southern Cross and transfer back to nursing."

Ms Ferry said a petition started by the union to reverse the decision of the SCC board had already attracted more than 250 signatures.

"It's probably not enough, it's only been a week," Ms Ferry said.

"I don't think they're going to change their mind.

"It might make them think twice."

George Misfud, the Human Resources Director of the multinational Compass Group, which runs the contract company Medirest, backed up Mr Carter's claims.

Mr Mifsud said that as of yesterday, all employees had been offered a position with Medirest.

"We've been doing everything we can," he told the BDT.

Mr Misfud said employees going across to Medirest will have the same "terms and conditions and the same hours."

He said workers were even getting more hours than they were previously, and said Medirest's aim was to employ as many locals as they could.

"We are so excited to be a part of the Broken Hill community, and we want to be here for the long run."

Ms Ferry had said workers had not yet received their rosters, but Mr Misfud said this was incorrect.

According to him, employees had their rosters ready for the Monday start.

Monday will be the first day kitchen and laundry staff will work under the new service provider.

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