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Nurses to vote on offer

Monday, 14th February, 2011

The additional jobs are being offered by the government alongside a 9.7 per cent incremental pay rise for nurses due to be introduced over the next two years.

The pay rise offer is backdated to July 2010, the final part of which is due to be granted in July 2012.

It would take the basic weekly salary of a first-year registered nurse/midwife from $984.50 as at July 2010 to $1039.40 by July 2012, draft documents published by the nurses' association show.

Broken Hill branch president Leanne Barber said the latest offer from the government was a great outcome for nurses.

"I'm over the moon about this ... it was a lot better than I expected."

Ms Barber said nurses would meet tomorrow afternoon to vote on the offer.

"Nurses are to get into contact with the association or just turn up to the meeting."

The offer was made following industrial action by the union, which led to the closure of public hospital beds in parts of the state in early January.

NSWNA was demanding a ratio of four nurses to one patient, a demand which the state government offer was equal or close to meeting, the union said.

The additional jobs would be created in category A, B and C hospitals, ranging from the largest metropolitan medical facilities to medium-sized rural hospitals.

They would staff general inpatient, palliative care and rehabilitation wards, among others. BDT/AAP

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