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Old TV program a hit

Wednesday, 23rd February, 2011

WALL OF SCREENS: Damian McKenzie drops off a few old televisions at the dump. WALL OF SCREENS: Damian McKenzie drops off a few old televisions at the dump.

By Caitlin Keenan

City Council's free television recycling program has been extended due to public demand and Council now has another container to pack full of old screens.

Hundreds of televisions have been left at the waste depot for recycling following the end of the analogue television signal.

While they may have fallen victim to digital conversion, they will not be left behind.

Rather they will be recycled and their parts used in newer technology.

Council's Manager of Sustainability, Peter Oldsen, said that the recycling had reduced the amount of landfill that the old TVs would have used.

"We've probably gotten up to around 1,000 television sets which is 10 per cent of households," Mr Oldsen said.

He said the two-month program would be extended by about a month.

"We've got another container, a fourth container," Mr Oldsen said.

"Since December, each container's lasted about a month."

He said Council would continue to stockpile old TVs once this container was full in the hope of another recycling initiative.

But he warned that it could take years.

"I'd encourage the public to participate," he said. "Drop them off at the landfill in the designated area."

Salvage contractor Angela Channing said there had been an enormous number of televisions dropped off.

She said Council was responsible for packing the containers so they weren't a heavy burden.

But she asked the public to be more careful when they drop their TVs off because they were creating a mess along the road to the depot.

"If you could drop the TVs near the container, not the shed, that'd be better."

Ms Channing said the sheer number of old sets showed just how many new TVs locals had bought.

"It shows the amount of money spent must have been incredible," she said.

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