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Closed on weekends

Tuesday, 15th September, 2009

Difficulty in finding staff to cover a seven-day roster and low weekend activity has led to a decision to close Ivanhoe's health service on weekends, according to the Greater Western Area Health Service.

It said the health service at Ivanhoe, 200km southeast of Menindee, would open between Monday and Friday only from September 28. A GWAHS spokesman said staff and the Ivanhoe Health Advisory Council had been consulted about the changes and were supportive. Maari Ma Health Aboriginal Corporation's Lesley Woolf said the change would see greater emphasis placed on primary health care and chronic disease management. She said this would include early detection and management of chronic disease and maternal and child health services. "This will include a greater community involvement in the planning of health services, as well as a collaborative approach to health care with all services working together including community based services," said Ms Woolf. "It is about an emphasis on wellness and self management, health protection and health promotion, and accessing services through community programs." Maari Ma Health Aboriginal Corporation will also provide additional staffing support through the Healthy Start Program and the Keeping Well Program. The service will operate Monday to Friday from 8.30am until 5pm. An after hours on call service will be available during the week and on weekends for emergencies and urgent medical cases. A review of the service changes will be conducted after three months

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