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Student driven to succeed

Friday, 25th February, 2011

GOING PLACES: Year 10 students like Katelyn Rudd will face many challenges in 2011, including learning to drive. GOING PLACES: Year 10 students like Katelyn Rudd will face many challenges in 2011, including learning to drive.

Recently the BDT gave our readers a first-hand account of what it was like to start a new school year through the eyes of Sacred Heart Year 4 student, Millie.

Today we continue that theme with Katelyn Rudd from Willyama High School, who will be joining the BDT on work experience next month:

By Katelyn Rudd

Year 10, the year of excitement, stress and new beginnings. We don't see ourselves as juniors anymore but we're not yet seniors. 

My name is Katelyn Rudd; I am in Year 10 at Willyama High School. 

With every change comes new stresses and this year holds quite a handful of them - Year 10 Certificate along with a massive load of homework and study. 

The first day back was a happy feeling for me. Being back at school was a relief after six weeks on holidays; I was keen to go back.

My bag was loaded with books, my laptop, a lunchbox and a folder under my arm as I entered the gate at 8:50am.

I could feel the excitement as I made my way up to the main building; new Year 7 kids were everywhere.

I remember in 2008 when I first started at Willyama how nervous I was; it was a whole new territory to me. 

One of the most exciting things that myself and most of my year are looking forward to is our Year 10 Prom. We get the responsibility to organise it ourselves with little assistance from teachers, it makes you feel more independent.

Speaking of independence, most of us turn 16 this year and this gives us the opportunity to go for our Learner Driver's licence and that is one thing I am looking forward to!

Year 10 is the year, I think, to set your priorities straight and really "knuckle down". 

Like most things, I suspect this year to be much harder than last year. You have to keep yourself focused and absorb as much information as you can. 

We have been told that next year there is quite a gap in the difficulty of the work; I hope to prepare myself for that challenge as much as I can and hope most people in my year do the same. 

Whether you are representing West Darling at carnivals, a member of the SRC, or doing a TAFE course, the opportunities are endless and you can do anything when you set your mind to it. 

School may be hard but it is definitely worth it in the long run!

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