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BHG & CC Junoior report

Thursday, 3rd March, 2011

Golf Golf

by Captain

It was great to see our juniors back last Sunday for the beginning of the program for 2011. The weather was warm & humid so all activities were kept to a minimum. 

First session was our putting & under the eyes of supervisors Jacqueline Walter & Brad Lane the children played individually on the practise green followed by a boys v girls comp. I do not know who won so we will call it a draw. Then followed the very enjoyable Killer Putt exercise that resulted in a win for Billy Lane in the boys & Gracie O'Neill for the girls. Both received a small gift for their efforts. Then it was down onto the course for some much needed match play.

All the juniors played very well although a little rusty & a bit hasty on their swings but it all came together by the end of the session. Liam McAllister put in much needed practice in readiness for his very first major event & had young Luke Hull for company. Both lads put in a really great effort wasting no time on the course & believe me we will be hearing the name Luke Hull in the future as he progresses through the program. Luke definitely has all the right attributes & attitude toward his golf. Liam McAllister is our hope for the future & he too does every thing right displaying a very competitive 'never give up' attitude especially when the going gets tough.

Junior Golf welcomes Zac Durbridge & hopes that he enjoys every moment with us. Zac is only 11 years old had never held a club in his hand until joining up & after some expert coaching on grip, stance & swing by Mark Walter, Zac was sending them out there & looked like a veteran. He was very impressive on first outing & soon will be holding his own against the boys. 

Junior golf continues next Sunday at 9am & for information on the program phone Peter Jeffery 8088 3165.

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