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Wednesday, 9th March, 2011

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Hash House Harriers report

Last Wednesday's harriers run was at Barney Stevens' place at the top of Cornish Heights. Everyone moaned when On On was called cause we all know that going down is easy, but the last leg of coming back up is going to be tough. 

Off we trekked through the streets of Railwaytown. We heard a lot of yelling and cursing only to find out later it was a few of our front runners who had found some back checks (a back check, when it is found, means you go back to the last street corner and try to find the trail from there - 40 minutes later the walkers and runners reunite at Barney's and each of us grabs a coldie from the hash esky.

The (stand in) grumpy old GM Paul Kaye asked for quiet and handed out the weekly down downs. First up, Shane Chapman. What did we think of the run? His reply, "It started out crap and got worse from there." So the hare Barney Stevens was called to the front to receive his drink. Next up a birthday drink for Mark Mitchell (46, he said) then special runs went to Barney Stevens run 800, Shannon Pritchard a warm up drink for run 99, Gerald Dutchman run 717, Dee Pritchard run 333, and Tracey Jarvis run 131. 

Christie McManus got a drink for being so silly and parking her car at the basketball stadium under a tree during a storm. She thought it would be safe but it made front page news. 

Ian Hendry and John Collins got a drink for not getting the power back on in time for Home and Away, Mark Winen was very disappointed, Amie, Justin, Bill, Susie and Fiona all got their hash names which we can't print and Clinton Pearce got a name change after being caught out during the week. 

Leigh Jarvis told the best joke but it still went unrewarded, except for the back hander from his wife. This week's run is being set by Shannon Pritchard from 736 Lane St for her 100th run, 6pm sharp. Come along and help her celebrate. Drinkers with a running problem most welcome.

PS. A few Hashies are going to the Shinglebacks party at the Night Train Disco this Saturday night. Some of you would remeber going training in your younger days, those terrible Saturday and Sunday mornings, maybe your first slow dance there. Well, it's all on again. Let us know this Wednesday (today) if you are interested and don't forget the 1980s dress code. Should be a great night of fun. Cheers for this week.

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