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Mad for Max and happy to show it

Wednesday, 31st March, 2010

* A section of Adrian Bennett's Mad Max collection in Silverton. * A section of Adrian Bennett's Mad Max collection in Silverton.

Most people have heard of Adrian Bennett in the last few months - he's the Mad Max-crazy English bloke who packed up his family and moved from England to Australia to be closer to where the hit movie was filmed.

It all started in 1982 when Adrian went to a cinema in Engalnd to see a double feature: Mad Max and Mad Max 2. In his words, "I was blown away, it was a life changing experience!" He and his family moved to Adelaide in 2006 and visited Silverton every few weeks just to be close to the setting for the second movie. The family fell in love with Australia and Silverton, so it seemed a natural progression to buy a house in Silverton.

Adrian became friendly with a number of people who had worked on Mad Max 2, which fuelled his interest. His obsession has now turned into a desire to share his impressive collection of Mad Max memorabilia with the public.

It has become obvious that many more people than just Adrian are equally passionate about these movies. Adrian is in the process of building a museum in Silverton which will open later this year. However, there have been so many enquiries about the museum that he has decided to provide a sneak peak at just some of the items which will eventually be part of his museum.

Mad Max fans will be able to view vehicles, original photographs, life-like characters and much more, all day this Sunday (Easter Sunday). The museum is situated in Stirling Street, Silverton, next to the Silverton Cafe.

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