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A snapshot from the BDT

Monday, 14th March, 2011

CAPTURING EXPERIENCE: Katelyn Rudd is enjoying her work experience at the BDT. CAPTURING EXPERIENCE: Katelyn Rudd is enjoying her work experience at the BDT.

By Katelyn Rudd

Being in Year Ten this year has given us the chance to do work experience. An interest in journalism and photography has led me to the Barrier Daily Truth.

Work experience is about experiencing a career path you are interested in by spending days in the work place. I thought there would be no better place to pursue my interests than the BDT. 

I had been to the BDT plenty of times before but this time was different. I was actually nervous. I was so unsure about what to expect and worried that I would do something wrong. 

On Wednesday I learned that there is much more to journalism then meets the eye. As my supervisor, Mr John Casey, said "You have to be married to the job." 

You are pretty much on the go all day; always busy, and if something goes wrong you have to learn to improvise. 

Like most jobs you have to be prepared and organised. It is no different at the BDT. You have to be places at a certain time, think of questions to ask and ways to engage the reader and never leave without a note pad and at least two working pens! 

If you are more the photography type you must have a good eye and a creative mind. When it comes to taking a photo it's a lot more than getting the person to smile and look pretty. You have to make sure the light is just right and to mix it up a bit otherwise it would be your ordinary 'plain Jane' photo. 

On Thursday I learned that the key to a good photo is patience; combining photography and little kids is not one of the easiest tasks. 

Sometimes you think you have the perfect shot but when you get back and take a closer look you notice it isn't that great. One of the most likely things to happen when taking a photo is that it turns out to be an 'if only' shot where everything is perfect except one minor detail which really matters. 

I also learned that afternoon that even in a newspaper you still need to use maths, which I was surprised to find out, and which I am sure all my maths teachers would be pleased to know after years of telling us just how important maths is! 

On Friday I had fun 'snapping away' at the swimming carnival. Taking a decent action shot was quite a challenge for me. 

I really enjoyed my three days at the BDT, especially Friday's morning tea. I now look forward to every second Wednesday (the day I have work experience).

Everybody was so genuinely nice and helped me out whenever I needed. From work experience I hope to gain skills and a better understanding of things that could possibly help me in the future. 

All in all I have had a great time at the BDT so far and am really keen for next time. 

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