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Election not over

Thursday, 17th March, 2011

NSW election result not forgeone conclusion: Gasmier

By Gina Wilson

The result of the NSW Election was not a foregone conclusion and city voters should make their vote count, Labor's candidate for Murray-Darling said.

Neville Gasmier made the comments after local MP John Williams was quoted in the Sunraysia Daily newspaper saying that opinion poll results showed the NSW election was "nearly a foregone conclusion".

Mr Gasmier said the comments were "arrogant" and made voters feel like their vote no longer counted.

"The polls are generated in Sydney and are not really relevant to this area," Mr Gasmier said.

"People in the electorate need to make their own choice and not feel like it is a foregone conclusion."

Mr Gasmier said Mr Williams should show voters what he had achieved during his term instead of riding on the coat tails of the polls.

"The polls haven't looked good at any stage," Mr Gasmier said.

"I would've thought he had four years to do the job and he should be now telling us what he's achieved but no. He's shown an attitude of arrogance and attitude of taking the electorate for granted since this campaign started.

"His lack of ability to list his achievements shows evidence of his contempt and his attitude of taking the electorate for granted."

Speaking from Curlwaa yesterday after spending a number of days door knocking at the southern end of the electorate, Mr Gasmier said he had found, during campaigning, that some people did not even know who John Williams was.

This, Mr Gasmier said, was "incomprehensible".

"I've made four or five trips throughout the electorate now and with all the door knocking I have done in Broken Hill and the south of the electorate I have come across communities and people in the communities who don't know their local member is and can't even name him," Mr Gasmier said.

"After four years in the job I find that amazing, incomprehensible and a reflection on his ability to represent the people of Murray-Darling."

Meanwhile Mr Gasmier also took aim at Mr Williams' decision to appoint himself to watch over the Coalition, if elected.

Last week Mr Williams said his new role was as a back bencher would be to "ensure the Coalition keep the promises they've made".

Mr Gasmier said that was not good enough - he said we needed an "attack dog".

"I'd be very cautious about putting someone in to represent me in government or opposition whose ambition is to be a watch dog," Mr Gasmier said.

"We need much more than that. In fact we need an attack dog.

"It's no good watching while government does nothing for the electorate and of Murray-Darling. It needs someone to stand up in Sydney and fight for our fair share."

Mr Williams declined to comment last night.

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