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BH Pistol Club

Tuesday, 29th March, 2011

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By Big Shot

Very good conditions were on hand for shooters and it made things most comfortable for the matches up for competition.

Relative newcomers to IPSC (practical pistol) the likes off Steve Daddow, Adrian Smith and Jorge Robolledo took on the required shooting elements all posting very handy stage scores now its a matter of stringing them together, but good shooting anyway.

100m Centrefire rifle was run and won, and John Curyer finished the match with top score and a personal best score was posted by by junior shooter Jayden Page in the target air rifle match.

30m Rimfire was not to be left out and attracted a good field of shooters and it is heartening to see the Grossi name appearing on the score boards, sneaking in for some quiet warmer-uperers.

Results of all matches:

IPSC Stage 1 Stage 2: Paul Smith 100, Steve Daddow 100, Adrian Smith 96, Colin Nadge 92, Dave Edwards 79, Jorge Robolledo 77, Colin Nadge 69, Dave Edwards 76, Jorge Robolledo 36, Paul Smith 64, Steve Daddow 35, Adrian Smith 63.

30m Rimfire Rifle: Chris Perry trg 592.32, Russell Fazulla vrm 590.35, Keith Russell hnt 572.19, Jorge Robolledo trg 562.11, Ben Grossi bg 548.3, Milton Delbridge trg 546.6, Kayle Grossi bg 546.1, Phil Grossi bg 542.2, Ray Fryer trg 514.4, Peter Francis spt 498.8.

50m Rimfire Rifle: Peter Gurney vrm 566.20.

100m CF Rifle: John Curyer 200.18, Richard Harvey 197.3, Peter Gurney 195.6, Don Betar 193.7.

Target Air Rifle/600: Non Rested - John Mayne 528, Rested - Jayden Page jnr 397.34/400, Phil Grossi 586.33/600, Kayle Grossi 572.32/600, Ben Grossi 564.19/600.

Air Pistol: Mario Vendrasco 482/600.

On Saturday at BHPC there will be Standard Pistol, Black Powder Agg', 20m Rimfire Rifle and 50m lever action rifle.

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