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Dylan's award winning speech

Monday, 4th April, 2011

Dylan Stone Dylan Stone

Recently we introduced you to 13-year-old BH High School student Dylan Stone, who was awarded second place in a NSW public speaking competition.

It was the second consecutive year that Dylan had been placed in such a competition, which he said he could not have acheived without the help of Burke Ward teacher Mrs Ball, who gave up her time and was "amazing" throughout the entire process.

Dylan presented a speech on "Why agriculture is destined to stay on the front page".

Here is his address:

Fires, Floods, Tsunamis, Cyclones, War, these are the front page headlines in our local newspaper daily, but there should be a headline in bold print that is even more important - Agriculture.

You might think agriculture only affects people and animals on the land, but you would be wrong. Agriculture affects everyone.

Imagine a life without freshly grown produce, warm clothes, milk and bread - the essentials for survival. Agriculture has always been important for everyday life, but in the past few decades, agriculture has become VITAL.

Agriculture has been vital for centuries in the development of Australia. Agriculture contributes immensely to global employment with nearly four per cent of the global workforce employed in the agriculture industry.

Early last month, cyclone Yasi delivered a cruel blow for already flood ravaged north Queensland agriculture, decimating bananas, sugarcane, prawns and other agriculture industries including dairy, fruit and vegetables and small crops.

Cyclone Yasi also devastated the wool and cattle industry with many animals lost, stressed or killed after the pounding.

Aunty Vanessa and Uncle Rick live on a station south of Broken Hill, they herd cattle, sheep and grow wheat and herbs.

In the past few years my Aunty and Uncle have solemnly braved through the drought, losing their cattle and sheep and crops. Last year rain finally arrived in the drought stricken area.

This should've been the answer to their prayers, but like to many others, my Aunty and Uncle lost their cattle and crops from flooding.

The weather is unpredictable, and the weather is the main cause for depletion of crops, through fires, floods and droughts. Agriculture is just too important to be inside the cover.

Agriculture affects us all and that's why agriculture is destined to stay on the front page.

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