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Kayla ready for first hometown race

Wednesday, 13th April, 2011

HOME TOWN RACE: Speedway racer Kayla Tumes will compete in Broken Hill for the first time on Saturday. HOME TOWN RACE: Speedway racer Kayla Tumes will compete in Broken Hill for the first time on Saturday.

She's grown up with the sport and now Broken Hill youngster Kayla Tumes is keen to make her own mark in speedway.

At just 13, Kayla launched into her racing career this year and on Saturday will race in her home town for the first time.

Kayla's mother, Nicole, said she has had to take her daughter "everywhere else" so she can compete.

"(Kayla) is the only junior registered (racer) in Broken Hill," Ms Tumes said.

"For her to race I have to take her everywhere else."

Kayla said she gets experience by going to different races.

"There are a few girls (who race)," Ms Tumes said.

"It is getting more popular ... the only things that let us down is that Broken Hill don't run enough meetings here."

Kayla will race in the Junior Sedan section, which should involve three races and a final, Ms Tumes said. She will be racing with other children aged between 10 and 17.

Kayla's interest in racing comes from her grandfather, Jeff Tumes, who has been involved with speedway for over 40 years.

"I've just grown up with it ... and my auntie has been doing it," Kayla said.

"It's fun and you get to meet new people.

"I want to thank my pop, he built the car, takes me everywhere and fixes the car."

Ms Tumes said her daughter was racing because of her grandfather.

"It has come together because of him," she said.

"He is so glad she's into it ... he says she might be chasing boys but she's only chasing them in cars."

He even played a part in naming Kayla's car.

"My dad used to call her Biddy, because she was so small when she was little," Ms Tumes said.

While she has only been racing for a short time Kayla has already been on the receiving end of some unwanted attention on the race track. Her car was clipped by another car at a race last week which meant some of the panels on her car had to be replaced.

But not all the other drivers are bad, Kayla said.

"Most of the other (drivers) are nice, but some are not so good," she said.

Kayla also thanked all her sponsors, who help her to race in other towns across the country, such as Bordertown in South Australia.

She also said she is looking forward to this weekend's speedway.

Gates open at 4.30pm and racing starts at 6pm. There will be street stock racing, outfits and motorbike mayhem, as well as junior racing.

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