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Secure your vehicles: police

Thursday, 21st April, 2011

Secure your vehicles: police Secure your vehicles: police

Police are reminding motorists to make sure they lock and secure their vehicles when they are unattended and on public streets, or in public car parks.

It is an offence in NSW to leave a vehicle unlocked, unsecured with the windows down or keys in the ignition, police said.

"Police can use their discretion to issue the owner with an on the spot fine valued at approx $84," they said.

Police are continually concerned about the number of vehicles that are broken into, or have access gained to them so that items of value can be stolen.

"Remember to lock away any valuable items that you may have in your car, or to at least keep it out of sight and out of mind - such as in the boot or under a seat, etc."

Graffiti a crime

Police also want to remind people that malicious damage includes offences of graffiti. 

"Whether this graffiti is completed by those responsible using things such as paint or textas, offenders can still find themselves being put before the court," police

from the Barrier Local Area Command said.

"Over past years in NSW, the penalty for malicious damage - graffiti - has been strengthened with it not only including a substantial financial penalty, but now also allowing for a lengthy period of imprisonment to be handed down dependent on the circumstances of the matter."

Police said those under 18 years of age also needed to be mindful that it is illegal for them to possess or purchase a can of spray paint.

Minerals stolen

Police are appealing for help after a large quantity of rocks and minerals with significant financial value were stolen from a Williams Lane home.

The rocks were stolen from the rear shed of the property, a deceased estate, sometime between last Thursday and Monday.

Police said the theft had caused great distress and concern to the family members.

Police now want any person who can assist with this inquiry to contact local Police on 8087 0299 or crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.

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