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Half price pets

Friday, 29th April, 2011

CUDDLY: RSPCA animal attendant Cheryl Backhouse with one of the young kittens she raised herself. CUDDLY: RSPCA animal attendant Cheryl Backhouse with one of the young kittens she raised herself.

Various RSPCA shelters across NSW have reached capacity and to save as many animals as possible, adoption fees have been halved.

RSPCA NSW launched their first SAVE campaign back in February, which was specifically geared toward re-homing cats and kittens. 

"The campaign was hugely successful - we were able to re-home more than 500 felines in five days," RSPCA NSW Animal Wellbeing executive manager Susan Hill said.

"So we've adopted a similar model this time, but have extended it to cover all animals at all RSPCA NSW shelters state-wide."

Adoption fees will be halved until Sunday May 15.

"We're being forced to euthanase perfectly healthy animals because we've physically run out of room and have nowhere to care for incoming animals," Ms Hill said. 

"It's absolutely devastating, and it's really taking a toll on staff morale."

Local shelter manager Merridy Wall said all animals at the RSPCA were for sale. She said they had puppies, adult dogs, kittens and they even have a rabbit.

"Anything that comes in (until May 15) is up for adoption and will be available half-price," Ms Wall said.

Ms Wall said the last half-price adoption campaign was really successful and with most shelters being full to capacity she hoped lots of animals could get a home.

The normal adoption fee for kittens is $165, $280 for puppies, adult dogs are $250 and rabbits are $40. For kittens, puppies and dogs the cost covers vaccination, de-sexing and micro-chipping. For the rabbit it covers de-sexing and vaccination.

Ms Wall said the puppies were eager for a home, but pet owners should always remember that all puppies need training.

The adult rabbit, which was surrendered to the RSPCA, would be good for older children or adults, Ms Wall said.

RSPCA animal attendant Cheryl Backhouse said she had hand-raised some of the kittens available for sale.

"I got them when I was little ... (I had to) syringe feed them," Ms Backhouse said.

"They are lovely, cuddly ... they are like babies, I've been spoiling them. They all need special homes."

The RSPCA also reminded people that pets were a long-term commitment and should be a considered decision, not an impulse buy.

For those ready to take on the responsibility of a pet, please visit www.adoptapet.com.au to learn more about RSPCA animals available for adoption.

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