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The Mayor on Monday

Monday, 2nd May, 2011

SUCCESS: The Great BH Reunion drew vibrant crowds at many events. SUCCESS: The Great BH Reunion drew vibrant crowds at many events.

Our living history

What a brilliant success the Great Broken Hill Reunion turned out to be. For the past two years a dedicated group of volunteers has worked almost non-stop to put together a memorable weekend, back where it all started.

The organisers should be very proud of their achievement. It was fantastic moving around the city and seeing groups of people congregating in shops, cafes, and pubs and on footpaths laughing and talking with great excitement that you only get with true pleasure and a sense of pride.

I attended a number of the organised events as well as the ANZAC Day march and felt very proud to hear the praise that was being bestowed on our city from people who once lived here. Whether it was for two months or 22 years the sentiment was the same; "it is great to be HOME and the old place it looking better than ever".

There was also great sense of excitement about the Urchins, Strawberry Junction, Frankie Bull, Rhiannon Taverner, along with Tony Vance and Friends getting on stage to entertain throughout the event.

Thursday night at the Broken Hill Musicianís Club was the official meet and greet night. By all accounts the auditorium was packed with former and current locals who enjoyed dinner and entertainment from the band No Exit consisting of Velko and John Gavranich and drummer Terry Trezise.

The band rolled up again on Friday Night at Club Legion for the Bodgies and Widgies Revival Night where the inaugural Ron Serich Memorial Golf Award was presented to the winning team led by Peter Jeffery.

It was great to hear that the $1000 from the golf day has been presented to junior footy development in the City.

The entertainment at the "Back to the 60s" cabaret was first class, as was the attendance. Australian performers Rock Ya Sox Off and the stars of the recent

Adelaide Fringe - the brilliant Matsuri Taiko Drummers - gave the night a real edge. The drummers were an absolute show-stopper and their energetic and professional performance was one to behold (I am hoping to get them back at some stage so we can all get to see them).

The family picnic day was held in Sturt Park in perfect weather and went extremely well. About 800 people from all age groups spent the day relaxing, swapping stories, taking photos and indulging in an old Broken Hill favourite - the McLeod's pastie, with the smooth, dulcet tones of Alan Tobin and the Urchins in the background.

Congratulations should also go to the City Council teams -Sturt Park looked absolutely amazing. Special mention should also go to the teams at the film studio and the Civic Centre - everyone was impressed and certainly had stories to tell about the two sites.

I would like to congratulate everyone concerned with the reunion - especially Tony Vance, Jenny Camilleri, Anne Rogers, Jim Nieman and their loyal band of supporters for making the reunion happen.

There were times when the committee thought the reunion may not see the light of day but in true Broken Hill spirit, lots of phone calls, meetings and a skip full of determination, the event was a true success.

I for one, can't wait for the next event.

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