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Mad fad too bad

Friday, 27th May, 2011

FRAUGHT WITH DANGER: ‘Planking’ at the Sculpture Symposium. FRAUGHT WITH DANGER: ‘Planking’ at the Sculpture Symposium.

By Kurtis Eichler

Planking, a craze in which people lay flat on various objects, has reached Broken Hill.

A Facebook group has been set up named 'Planking Broken Hill' to show pictures of locals "planking" on top of one of the Sculptures, Pro Hart's ant sculpture and the roof of Maari Ma.

Users have been encouraging their fellow plankers to outdo one another, with some people suggesting using the Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket in Oxide Street.

The fad claimed a life this month when a 20-year-old Brisbane man fell off the ledge of his high rise apartment, and Detective Inspector Mick Stoltenberg of the

BH police said people should think twice before indulging in such activities.

"All we really ask is that people do it with a bit of common sense," said DI Stoltenberg. "We consider it to be very dangerous."

Simon Potter, from the local Ambulance Service, said although it may seem like harmless fun, the idea of planking and outdoing your mates can be "fraught with danger.

"It is recommended to avoid planking and other silly stunts whilst intoxicated or drug affected, especially in places that could see you seriously injured or killed," Mr Potter said.

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