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Autumn leaves but cold already here

Wednesday, 1st June, 2011

AUTUMN LEAVES: Ella Hunt (3) enjoying the last day of autumn. AUTUMN LEAVES: Ella Hunt (3) enjoying the last day of autumn.

As if it hasn't been cold enough, now comes winter.

Local weather recorder Phil Mew told the BDT yesterday that although the May temperatures were in the high 'teens and the low 20s, the overnight lows were a lot colder than usual and had arrived earlier.

"During the day the temperature was only one or two degrees off the average," Mr Mew said.

"The temperature dropped significantly on the 24th of this month. It was letting you know it's going to get very cold, which is indicative that this will be a colder winter than experienced in previous years.

"The outlook, in my opinion, is the average normal rainfall of 20 millimetres each month.

"If we get 60 millimetres for June, July and August we will do quite well."

Mr Mew warned there would be days of 10 or 12 degrees, but said that was typical for a cold winter.

The coldest temperature last month was three degrees on May 10. The hottest day was on May 21 with a temperature of 25.

The total rainfall this month was 17.8mm with the wettest day on May 22 when the city received 8.6mm.

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