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Stephen can cop the bush

Thursday, 2nd June, 2011

NEW TO THE BEAT: Probationary Constable Stephen Lyons NEW TO THE BEAT: Probationary Constable Stephen Lyons

One of the city's new junior constables said he was happy he came to Broken Hill.

Probationary Constable Stephen Lyons graduated from the Goulburn Police Academy last month and this is his first posting.

Constable Lyons (22), who is from Armidale, said he thought being a police officer was a noble profession.

"It is something I thought would be interesting to do and something I would be proud of in the future," he said.

Constable Lyons will be on 12 months' probation during which time he would do academic work and be a full-time constable.

He had chosen Bankstown in Sydney but swapped with a friend who didn't want to go to the bush.

"He got the short straw," said Constable Lyons. "I like that it's quiet. It gives me time to sort out my academic work."

Constable Lyons is one of two new probationary constables in the city. He said didn't know the other constable, Luke Porritt, when they were training at the academy but now they were sharing a house.

Constable Lyons said that for the first six weeks he will spend his time following other officers to learn the ropes.

"Past that it will be more hands on," he said.

He said the locals he had dealt with seemed to get on pretty well with the police.

"So far, quite co-operative. There is no biff or anything yet," he said.

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