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Call to arms

Friday, 3rd June, 2011

Volunteers needed to garner hospital support

Organisers of a petition aimed at improving the city's aged care crisis are calling for community support to obtain 10,000 signatures.

Eve Misan and her mother, Poppy Garner, are circulating a petition asking for immediate aged care and hospital funding to save the city's frail aged from being moved away from Broken Hill.

The pair said yesterday they had placed petitions in almost all businesses in Oxide, Patton and Argent streets, and have just received City Council approval to place them at the Tourist Information Centre, Shorty O'Neil Village and the art gallery.

Ms Misan said now would be an ideal time for more volunteers to get involved in actively hunting signatures.

She said she hoped volunteers could help by going door to door, or setting up tables and stalls around the city to get signatures from passers by.

"Mum and I can't do it all on our own. We need all of Broken Hill to get behind it," she said.

"It's for the people of Broken Hill, and not just for the old people; it's from babies right through.

"The hospital is so short of beds, if we got sick right now they might have to turn us away, so it affects everyone."

Ms Misan also encouraged people interested to pick up a copy of the petition from the BDT and photocopy it and distribute it to friends.

"We'd love for people to take a copy and give it a life of its own ... just as long as it's handed back in on time," said Ms Misan.

All businesses and individuals are asked to return their petitions to the BDT on June 14 so they can be forwarded by Ms Garner to Minister for Health and Ageing, Nicola Roxon.

Should the city supply 10,000 signatures, the petition will be tabled in NSW Parliament and treated as a "matter of urgency", according to the policy of the new State Government.

Anyone who is able to help with the petition is invited to contact Ms Misan on 0428 842 484 or Ms Garner on 8088 4593.

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