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Roos bounce back

Monday, 6th June, 2011

SMART MOVE: Central’s Brenton Zanette (pictured here in a previous round) was moved into the middle on the weekend and the game came alive. SMART MOVE: Central’s Brenton Zanette (pictured here in a previous round) was moved into the middle on the weekend and the game came alive.

By Ced

The first Saturday in winter served up rain, wind, a biting cold front and a super game of football at the Alma Oval.

As supporters from South and Central sought shelter from the elements the players of both teams put on a display worthy of a final, in the end it was South who prevailed to win an enthralling contest by 9 points.

Trailing by 19 points at the last change Central seemed out of the contest, and it was then that Magpie coach Des Hinton moved Brenton Zanette into the middle and the game came alive.

For the first 10 minutes of the final term Central led by Zanette bombarded the goals but a combination of missed shots and some brilliant defence from the Roos held them out.

The highlight of the game was undoubtedly the one-on-one duels, the most intriguing between young South defender Aiden Pettitt who was on the competition's most dangerous player, Jackson McInnes. Both players were brilliant for their respective sides; the Central star finished with 5 goals but Pettitt was impressive.

It appears the Central coaching staff learnt a lesson from last week as McInnes played the majority of the game inside the attacking 50 metre arc. 

The match started with South kicking to the City end. Both teams lined up as named with the most surprising move coming from South Coach Robert Hickey who started second gamer Daniel Magin at full forward. Digby Schinckel was at full back for the Magpies.

The other move of note for the Roos was Schorn to a forward flank along with Stephens. Corey was at centre half forward matched up with Zanette while Bray was at centre half forward for Central.

The first quarter was football at its best, the move of Magin worked as he booted 2 goals one the result of a bullet pass from Billy Dolan. At the other end Jamie Berg in a forward pocket was dangerous but left his kicking boot at home before he kicked truly for his first.

During the opening term McInnes was shown a yellow card for a late tackle and spent 10 minutes on the bench while South defender Arlen Bird was crunched in a marking contest which resulted in a trip to hospital with cracked ribs.

As the siren sounded to end the quarter Central forward Curtis Jelbert had a set shot which was straight and long and levelled the scores.

Quarter time: South 3.5 (23) Central 3.5 (18).

The second term was just as hectic as the first and it was a period of football where Magin and McInnes stood up. Both booted a brace of goals and were looming as match winners.

When Magin kicked his 4th goal Files was moved back to try and quell his influence, a move which worked. 

A battle of real interest was the midfield. Stephens and Neal wound the clock back for the Roos with some vintage play, their new centre square mate John Dunn showed he is the recruit of the year, O'Brien was running everywhere while Billy Dolan who is playing sore was an inspiration.

The Magpies had lifted with the interesting rotation of Heath and Camilleri from midfield to a half back flank. Garnaut on his wing was strong while Cox lifted and kicked one of the goals of the season when he burst through half forward to nail a vital major for Central.

The form of Bray at centre half forward was impressive as he provided an alternative target to McInnes, a downside was the loss of Karl Wilmore with tightness in his hamstring.

At the long break South had an 8 point buffer.

Half time: South 7.8 (50) Central 6.6 (42)

The third quarter is often referred to as the premiership quarter and it was South who emerged the stronger with 3 goals to a solitary major from Central.

The Roos kicked the first three. Magin booted his 5th for the day after a strong mark while Camilleri snapped a late one for Central to keep their hopes of winning alive.

This term was a real battle of the backlines with South on top through a combination of Bow, Purcell, Wood and Vlatko.

At the other end Zanette and Corey were locked in a real arm wrestle with both playing well, a highlight a Corey handball to Phil Neal which resulted in a goal.

Three Quarter time: South 10.11 (71) Central 7.10 (52)

As mentioned Zanette was moved into the middle to start the final term and when Mannion snapped one early the Magpie army could sniff a win and they were in full voice.

A combination of missed opportunities and some resolute defence managed to silence the supporters and halt the black and white charge.
In the end Central had 8 shots at the big sticks in the last quarter but could only manage 3 goals, including a pair from McInnes.

The game was over when Corey goaled after a brilliant tackle from Bow turned the ball over in the Magpies forward line. It was swept down field where the centre half forward marked and kicked accurately to nail win number 4 for the Roos.

It was a wonderful 2 hours of football with players from both sides cramping late in the match, the highlights were plentiful and really showcased the skills of our game.

In what is shaping as the most even competition in some time both clubs have the ability to play a big part in September, they just need a sprinkling of good luck and the return of some key players.

Final score: South 12.12 (84) Central 10.15 (75)

Best Players: South - Dustin Stephens, John Dunn, Marcus O'Brien, Phil Neal, Dylan Bow, Daniel Magin, Aiden Pettitt, Jayson Higgins, Billy Dolan, Ty Corey.

Central - Ben Camilleri, Justin Heath, Jackson McInnes, Trampus Garnaut, Brenton Zanette, Jamie Berg, Lyndon Cox, Ben Files.

Goalkickers: South - Daniel Magin 5, Ty Corey 2, Codie Schorn 1, Billy Dolan 1, John Dunn 1, Marcus O'Brien 1, Phil Neal 1.

Central - Jackson McInnes 5, Lyndon Cox 1, Ben Camilleri 1, Curtis Jelbert 1, Brad Mannion 1, Jamie Berg 1.

Reserve Grade: South 11.9 (75) Central 8.3 (51)

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