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Dubious dollars

Wednesday, 15th July, 2009

By Andrew Robertson

"It's not an everyday occurrence," he said.

"The poker machine note readers are very good quality.

"Just putting in a piece of paper or a photocopy isn't going to work."

Mr Coff said the note - which is the same size as a real note but lighter in colour - would not have fooled an employee, and it was obviously made with gaming machines in mind.

"The colour was very different.

"I think this is someone who would be targeting a specific area."

The club found the fake note was also able to fool a number of other machines, according to Mr Coff, who said each manufacturer had been notified.

But the incident is also forcing the club to upgrade its security. Cameras will now be installed in the area where the machines are located.

Mr Coff said the impact on customers' privacy was outweighed by the threat of further offences.

The club does not suspect a regular committed the offence and staff have been asked if they remember any unfamiliar faces.

"We know our customers and something like this is very unusual for a club of this size," Mr Coff said.

Acting Senior Sergeant John McKervey said that police had received no other reports of fake notes but warned pubs and clubs to be on the lookout.

"We need to make sure (clubs and pubs) are aware."

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