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Room to grow

Tuesday, 14th June, 2011

PLANS ON THE BOARD: Professor David Lyle and Mandy Royle from the BHUDRH. PLANS ON THE BOARD: Professor David Lyle and Mandy Royle from the BHUDRH.

Tenders invited for USDRH upgrade

Local contractors are being invited to submit their tenders for the expansion of the Broken Hill's University of Sydney Department of Rural Health (USDRH).

Head of the Department, Professor David Lyle, said he would be keen to see the construction of the new building undertaken by locals, who have until July to bid.

"We are always keen to see locals undertake work that is being taken out in their own community," Professor Lyle said.

"I am really very keen to see local companies put in their bid."

According to Professor Lyle, the $1.8 million upgrade will see a new, two-storey building erected beside the existing facility, making room for an increasing number of staff and students taking placement in the City.

"Our student numbers are up from about 200 in 2009 to about 350 in 2010, and we expect this growth to continue to 2013.

"We offer experienced training in a relaxed setting, and an inter-professional education opportunity for students to learn together, working in teams with a focus on how health professionals work together.

"The aim is to provide them with training and experience which encourages them to return, which is critical to rural health and Broken Hill."

Professor Lyle said the upgrade would include a simulation centre and skills laboratory which would allow students, as well as workers, to undertake emergency training which is then applied to real life situations.

"We work in partnership with the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Maari Ma and the Division of GPs, so this facility will be shared across all health skills, and made available to all training faculties.

"We see this as being a community facility, and we're able to shut off the levels so it going to be accessible day and night, so people can access the training facility whenever they need it."

Prof. Lyle said the BHUSDRH will undertake three capital works projects this year, including a purpose built facility with the support of Southern Cross Care, which will be used for student accommodation, increasing the number of students able to undertake placement at any one time.

The construction is expected to be completed by April next year.

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