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Spirit of the South

Saturday, 2nd July, 2011

ALL SMILES: The South Football Club will celebrate the career of well-liked star Dustin Stephens at today’s match against Central. ALL SMILES: The South Football Club will celebrate the career of well-liked star Dustin Stephens at today’s match against Central.

Dustin Stephens is quite simply one of the most revered and well-liked members of the Broken Hill footballing community. 

Throughout his exceptional 200-game career he has been recognised within his club, within the league and in other leagues as a footballer of the highest quality and his laconic and affable nature identifies him as a real personality of the game.

Dustin’s league career began in a time when Ricky Martin was still considered cool, which most will consider a very long time ago. However the evergreen nature of Dustin’s footballing ability shows that he is a dangerous player whose abilities must not be underestimated. 

A distinctive aspect of his game is his freakishly good reflexes and it was this ability which quickly led Dustin to be branded “Cat” throughout much of his footballing career. 

Even now that his legs move a little slower than they did during the last millennium, he is still able to pluck a ball from a contest without most knowing how he did it. 

It was his uncanny skills that caused many to compare Dustin to AFL legend Darren Jarman. But Dustin was much more blessed with both looks and premierships than Jarman with his career, yielding four league flags and a reserves flag. 

Dustin also enjoyed many individual accolades. He has represented Broken Hill in interleague footy on multiple occasions as well as being selected in the Broken Hill team of the year. 

He has also had the great honour of representing the Murray Mallee in a side made up of the best players from multiple leagues, which is an achievement only a handful of local footballers can share. 

Dustin has also been inducted as a life member of both the South Footy Club and the Broken Hill Football League and this honour shows that he has left a lasting impression on not only the South Football Club but he has also changed the landscape of the entire Broken Hill Football League.

In his personal life Dustin is a devoted family man and a hard-working business owner which is further testament to his great achievements in the football arena. 

He is respected by opposition players as a genuinely good bloke and is a bona fide media personality with the first change-room interviews always being directed towards Dustin. 

On the field he is a dashing and skilful footballer who is explosive in the midfield or a constant threat in the forward line. Off the field he has a great teaching influence on the younger footballers and is also able to lift morale amongst the group with a cheeky remark in the huddle.

The South Footy Club congratulates Dustin Stephens on 200 sensational games!


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