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Families $515 worse off: MP

Monday, 11th July, 2011

The Federal Government’s carbon tax will hit families hard, with a projected $515 per year increase in their cost-of-living, according to local MP, Sussan Ley.

“Labor and the Greens plan to club the worst polluters who’ll then club their consumers, then you and me,” Ms Ley said yesterday. 

“And to fix all that, they’ll give some of us tax breaks to cope with it all. Well, a lot has to go right over every step for it to work.” 

Ms Ley described the tax as “a quagmire of complexity” and said that the Government could not be trusted “to get it right.” 

She also said that the Government’s plan to push back a carbon price impost on heavy vehicles until 2014 was a ploy. 

“Under pressure from the Greens, delaying the tax on the heavy vehicle industry is nothing short of Julia Gillard’s get out clause. When road freight takes this hit, consumer prices will go up very quickly. She’s simply pushed back this minefield till after the next election.”  

Ms Ley said that the Coalition’s “Direct Action” plan was a “strong and effective” policy that would reduce carbon emissions by five per cent by 2020 without a new tax.  

“Our plan means no cost to you and I, no new taxes and no forced increases in electricity. 

“It’s simpler and you know what? It will work,” Ms Ley said.   


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